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Demon Girl Game

demon girl working hard to pay the rent, or not · By chainedTan, Nes, J' Camilo


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bug fixes # 8 (0.83) -bug fixes, rebalance, new artists,etc
awright frens, after a kinda long wait, here is a new build, with lots of new stuff, events, sprites, mechanics maybe , rebalances, lotsa stuff, and the skeleto...
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new build #7 (0.79) new events, new mechanics~
owsnap its time for a new update on the game~ now including new artist~ (thank u for helping the game with your great art guys~) this time , we got a couple new...
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new build #6 (0.78) new music new events, new mechanics~
sup meits, dedaback here again with a new build of the game, this time featuring a buncha new events, music and a couple new mechanics here and there, for now...
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new build #5 (0.77a) New events, new character~
hello there, another update has landed~ now announcing new events ,bug fixes and even some mechanics and a brand new character that I hope its gonna be a recurr...
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new build #4 (0.76a) new artist, new updates, bug fixes~
quick update this time, adding new things everywhere and being happy about new artists wanting to join the game project~ , here is change log: textbox writing s...
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new build #3 (0.75) Gallery mode, new artists, new events~
Hello there meits, its time for a new update and stuff, this time two new artists added lovely art to the game, and i was able to program the gallery, there is...
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new build #2 (0.73c) new artists onboard~ *hotfix
hello there~ time for a new update, this time with lots and lots of fixing, but also lots of new content~ we have new artist onboard even~ and probably more on...
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bug fixes # 2 (0.71) -lots of bug fixes, a couple new things~-
hiya there, time to report the new bugs that were fixed from last build, that would be the 0.7 build~ the reason why its not called (0.7a) instead its because...
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