new build #3 (0.75) Gallery mode, new artists, new events~

Hello there meits, its time for a new update and stuff, this time two new artists added lovely art to the game, and i was able to program the gallery, there is not much changes or bug fixes so far,but on the other hand ,there is a lot of new stuff and thats the best part! here is the main change log:

  • added 11 new events  from both new and old artists!
  • added a new gallery mode when you click on the painting on the room
  • added a new status effect called "wanted" this one happens if you kill too many monsters and have too much bad luck
  • added a new song for the gallery rooms

notes on the gallery: 

once you enter the gallery, you can check out all the art made by the many artist that are providing fabulous art for the game, ill probably update the gallery to provide more info on the drawings or the artist, currently accepting ideas on that


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Jul 02, 2018

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