A downloadable dgg for Windows

about the game:

you are a demon girl who needs to pay the rent to survive, so far you only have to do that.

you gotta go out to hunt the monsters in the outskirts of the city, and sell them as food at the local restaurant, but beware! working too much might give you bad luck~

living your life , doing hunts, even resting might trigger special events and random stuff to happen to you, even hidden adventures and complete sagas with characters and more~

we took inspiration from these two game box arts for the whole concept~ I hope that's legal ~



also special thanks to Andrew Tyler (atyler.dev@gmail.com) for the bellyful font the game has now, it fits like a charm~


 you do everything with mouse~

other stuff:

alright then, here is a new attempt at making a game , one day I was super bored and sharing memes on discord when i told the squad about making a game as fast as possible about whatever, then we started refining the idea bit by bit , and suddenly everyone was adding ideas, drawings and all sorts of stuff to the game project, so I did the code, and these friendos did most of the art on the game~

the game is still on development, still needs audio and sound effects, and maybe probably more mechanics and so on.

if you feel like you want to draw your own event for the game, you can contact me or leave a comment here, ill probably update soon with more info about that.

I'm still accepting ideas on new mechanics , and also collaborations on the art of the game, UI , that kinda stuff.

well ,thats about it , have a good one~

Install instructions

extract and play the game, dont forget to have fun while playing~


0.83(hotfix).rar 9 MB
0.83.zip 10 MB

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