new build #5 (0.77a) New events, new character~

hello there, another update has landed~ now announcing new events ,bug fixes and even some mechanics and a brand new character that I hope its gonna be a recurring one~  anyhow, here is the change log:

  • -reduced the chances of the cthulu event by about half
  • -reduced the duels with the master for him to die to 5
  • -added one new event "samurai girl appears!".
  • -added 3 more events "duel with the samurai girl" parts 1 to 3
  • -added a "debugging" exploit for getting meat and money.
  • -changed the event generation system, added one more layer of condition to all events
  • -reduced the chance of the "lost in the forest" events by 2%
  • -fixed dialogue on the "not gain event" were it would not show all the text
  • -next build will be 0.77
  • -fixed dialogue on the "Luck below the bed" event
  • -fixed dialogue on the "coin at work" event
  • -fixed dialogue on the "tart meat" event
  • -spring setup as first month of the year in game(editado)
  • -added frequency to the "Damn turkey!" event on the gallery.
  • -fixed bug on the "Snow hey oh!" event text on the gallery(editado)
  • -fixed dialogue bug on the "no gain " event.
  • -changed the amount of meat given from the "hunting dream" event from 2 to 3
  • -fixed "friends at work" event not taking meat from the player when appearing

with the appearance of the samurai girl, new possibilities are open~ next update should bring more about her to the table~

have a good one m8


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Jul 05, 2018

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