new build #2 (0.73c) new artists onboard~ *hotfix

hello there~ time for a new update, this time with lots and lots of fixing, but also lots of new content~ we have new artist onboard even~  and probably more on the next update,so not bad not bad at all,but in the meantime , here is the change log:

edit , new bugs appeared on 0.73b , most of them fixed~

new stuff:

  • added a mouse scroll function to the credits, you can scroll the mouse wheel and move the credits~
  • added 4 new events to the game~
  • updated the art in two events.
  • new random text added.
  • added a luck factor to the game.

bug fixes:

  • corrected text in 6 events.
  • corrected some graphics on the ui.
  • fixed graphics in the options button.
  • corrected the month system where it would set you up to the 0th of the month~
  • corrected some exploding crashing bug that destroyed most of the events in a past build.


  • re-balanced most if not all of the events to account for the luck factor.
  • the more bad luck the player has, the worse events would happen to the player.
  • re-balanced the chances of getting several events , some are now more frequent and others are now rare.
  • reduced the chance of appearing to all the events to make them more rare.

that's about it for now , after almost 4 failed builds, this is the new stable build of the game~ 

have a good one~


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Jun 29, 2018

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