bug fixes # 8 (0.83) -bug fixes, rebalance, new artists,etc

awright frens, after a kinda long wait, here is a new build, with lots of new stuff, events, sprites, mechanics maybe , rebalances, lotsa stuff, and the skeleton for new mechanics to come , more lore for our second character samurai girl, and that stuff~ anyhow, check out the game and stuff, maybe youll like it also have a change log:

  • -added the skeleton of a "choice" system based on yes and no type questions for the game
  • -rebalanced almost all events, now all hunting events give x 3 bad luck
  • -the sleeping events reduce about 60% bad luck each
  • -the work events now give x3 more kitten tokens
  • -now the samurai master events only appear during the third month of the year (autumn) very frequently
  • -the samurai girl events shall only appear on the fourth month of the year (winter) with a lot of frequency
  • -fixed the issue of the money getting broken upon reaching a punishment event that reduces your money by 40%
  • -fixed the thing about the squid dream apprearing even though the squid is already living with you
  • -now the game registers when its the afternoon before night
  • -a few surprises have been added to the house screen area
  • -past bugs corrected so far
  • -fixed the bug on the galery were a wrong event would show on the "new tv" event
  • -changed the starting day from 0 to 1
  • -fixed the misplaced gallery event wich nes and camilo's art
  • -fixed the new main menu art
  • -from this point on, the game will be compiled as a zip

thats about it for now, have a good one, hope you like this build!


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Feb 17, 2019

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