new build #4 (0.76a) new artist, new updates, bug fixes~

quick update this time, adding new things everywhere and being happy about new artists wanting to join the game project~ , here is change log:

  • textbox writing sound effect changed.
  • the gallery now displays the name of each event and the frequency on witch they appear.
  • the gallery code has been upgraded to support adding new drawings faster and 
  • reduced the frequency of some events.
  • added 2 new events. 
  • a new artist has joined~
  • balanced some of the good luck and bad luck events. 
  • corrected some typos in the events.

this was a quick update to show off the new gallery updates,  it displays more info on the games, there are other bigger things coming along soon ,like the wiki and new mechanics but more info on that layer~ see ya~


0.76a.rar 6 MB
Jul 04, 2018

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