new build #7 (0.79) new events, new mechanics~

owsnap its time for a new update on the game~ now including new artist~ (thank u for helping the game with your great art guys~)

this time , we got a couple new events to prevent you from overworking yourself, and a new text display system to make my life a bit easyer on the writing~ not that many changes i know, but im sure its gonna be worth it from now on, adding text to the game should be a lot easy now, wich is nice~

not much to say apart from this, i have a lot of new events to add , but im trying to add new mechanics so they make sense

and a story mode for the game too.

the new overworking events need some balancing, i still feel like the punishment might be too hard, but thats what testing is for , right? whew


0.79.rar 9 MB
Aug 26, 2018

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