bug fixes # 2 (0.71) -lots of bug fixes, a couple new things~-

hiya there, time to report the new bugs that were fixed from last build, that would be the 0.7 build~

the reason why its not called (0.7a) instead  its because its not only bug fixes~ it also comes with a bunch of new thingies you will probably love~

most of the bugs were sound related, no wonder being basically the first time i do anything game maker and sound related, here is list anyhow:

  • fixed a bug in the house where the writing sound would keep looping if you were to change room while the text was being written.
  • fixed wrongly looping credits song.
  • fixed lack of music in the options menu, that would produce the wrong music playing on it,
  • fixed no music playing in the main menu if you click the main menu button or get a game over.
  • fixed the text in a hunt event that would be to big for the text box
  • re-balanced some events from hunting and working to make them less frequent.
  • music now transitions faster between songs.
  • changed the month order.
  • changed fall month to autumn.

also about the new stuff added:

  • added a 4 new events (2 working events , 1 hunting event and 1 special event)
  • some events now can be influenced by the season of the year (or current month)ex: ice related events occur more frequently on winter.
  • added a song on the options menu
  • the music administration of the game has been remade.

thats basically it so far, there are other minor thingies, but nothing too big, next week more updates~


0.7.rar 12 MB
Jun 17, 2018
0.71.rar 5 MB
Jun 25, 2018

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