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still work in progress

this is a touhou fan game im making on my free time, i think its looking good , so im sharing


  • -it plays just like the regular toho games, the only diference its that its a side scroller
  • -remember to gimme ideas bout the game plox
  • - no sound yet(work in progress)
  • -no bombs yet(work in progress)
  • - you can only play as raymoo for now
  • -im thinking on a bunch of stages, like 6 or something on a near future~
  • -marisa will be the main villain, so that means she will probably not be playable
  • -it will have a story and stuff
  • -accepting ideas about the bosses and stuff

build 0.33 released (newest one♥)

  • -now where do i even begin
  • -added some  amazing sound effects to almost everything on the game
  • -removed the marisa bossfight
  • -replaced the marisa bossfight with kasen
  • -added a basic story
  • -improved the collision system
  • -added some special effects
  • -bombs are working now
  • -added dialogues to the game
  • -added some nice pixelarty graphics to the game too
  • -programed new danmaku patterns for kasen
  • -added the basic spellcard system
  • -added a new final screen
  • -added a new final score on the end screen
  • -modified reimu´s size for gameplay reasons
  • -added new enemies to the stage
  • -some new graphics on the stage
  • -added a the basic graphics of the power level system(work in progress though)
  • -added a pause system
  • -the pause system will now display some random messages to the player sometimes
  • -upgrated the start screen
  • -added a basic, and buggy score system
  • -added the basic programing for the music (still work in progress)
  • -modified movement speed and focus speed
  • -reduced the hp for all of the normal enemies
  • -preparing the code for rewriting
  • -added the love i feel for you if you read this ♥
  • -changed marisa´s hair color (even though you cant see her in game lol)
  • -some more stuff i cant remember right at the moment of writing this

build 0.27a released

  • -fixed some camera issues

build 0.27 released

  • -made masive fixes to the camera
  • -updated the background and fixed some issues
  • -added a basic danmaku engine
  • -programded the basic danmaku patterns
  • -drank a glass of water
  • -added a marisa model
  • -programed a full stage to play
  • -added a win and a defeat state
  • -you can press R to reset the gameplay
  • -adjusted the hitbox size again
  • -balanced the danmaku
  • -added a basic spellcard for marisa
  • -added a basic danmaku curtain form arisa
  • -changed the bullets shot by reimu
  • -bullets are not following nobody yet
  • -changed the bullet density and speed
  • -added a basic hud
  • -added a score system ,now every 800 points you win a extra life
  • -bombs are not working yet
  • -first public release~♥
  • added a simple life system

and more stuff like the pictures, youll knwo what i mean if you play~

build 0.15 released

  • -some more fixes to the camera
  • -added a basic background
  • -changed the bullet partern
  • -adjusted the colliders for the bullets
  • -adjusted the hitbox size
  • -adjusted the character movement

build 0.1a released

  • -some fixes added to the camera
  • -adjusted the hit box size and the bullet hit box size

build 0.1 released

  • -it exists
  • i love you guys~


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