the kasen update

i finally was able to make this build work (after 3 tries) this time im preparing for the actual story of the game, so no marisa , she is kinda the final boss, so , you wont see her for a while now, i also have to make 5 spellcards for her now, i hate myself sometimes~

so, now my favorite tsundere manga protagonist is here now, kasen Ibaraki, ya know, she is cool and stuff, and I think she is allways around reimu´s shrine, so that explains why she is around when reimu goes for a killing spree.

anyhow, since i like the other thingie for the upgrades list and stuff ill post the added stuff there , anyhow, now the game is full of sound effects, i got myself some sweet sound effects library , modified some of the sounds from the little i know about sound editing, and now im stuck making the music for the game , im lucky its fan music, like i can pick reimu´s cappri, ... her main song thingie and make it 8 bit and stuff! , its not that easy for me though i suck~

anyhow, the game looks like a game now , yay~


languajeParty(0.33).rar 11 MB
May 31, 2017

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