A downloadable game for Windows

~Hello there~

this would me my first kinda original game, hope you like it, dont forget to report bugs and all that cool stuff so i can update it and make it an even cooler game.

join this cute colorless girl on a short fishing journey~ so she wont starve~

 made the whole game on a gba resolution, it was very fun to be honest

next update should be sound, and bug fixes, stay tuned and go fishing!

StatusOn hold
Tags8-Bit, fish, fishing, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

extract the rar thingie and play the game~


stable fish 0.5.rar 11 MB


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This is really cool, especially if it really is your first game! Keep it up, looking forward to playing the more fleshed out version!

omg thank you soo much for your kind words! im fired up now~~~

Glad to hear, I'm still keeping an eye on it!

(If you have Twitter, let me know how development is going @Toadsanime, otherwise I'll pop it in my 'keep an eye on' list, ha.)